Yeromnesh at the Injibara Children's Home



Being 10 years old, alone, HIV+ and the sole provider for her younger brother was tough. Yeromnesh didn't have guidance, love or a sense of safety; she relied on herself.


Yeromnesh and her brother Yigermal are healthy, happy and loved at the Injibara Children's Home in Ethiopia!

The Plans

Planned expansion of the Injibara Children's Home

We're Expanding!!

With your help, we will add 4 new children's homes to increase the center's capacity and lower overhead costs!

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The Details

Give a Brick

Give a Brick

Your $25 donation lays the first brick towards the construction of 4 safe new homes.

20 Children

20 Children

Children who live without the safety of nurturing parents finally come home!

Years to Come

Years To Come

Your support lays the foundation to provide for and protect children for years to come.

Where In The World?

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